Splinter Cell Remake Concept Art Gets Released as Part of the Original’s 20th-Anniversary Celebration

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Image: Ubisoft

Ubisoft has released some concept art for the Splinter Cell Remake that is in development as a part of the original game’s 20th-anniversary celebration. Four members of the team working on the remake joined Ryan McCaffrey (IGN Executive Editor), Dan “Shoe” Hsu (former Editor-in-Chief of Electronic Gaming Monthly), and Major Nelson Larry Hryb in a video discussing ideas that made the early games so popular. Chris Auty (Creative Director), Christian Carriere (Technical Director), Andy Schmoll (Senior Game Designer), and Zavian Porter (Associate Level Design Director) shared thoughts about the original games but also the goals for the remake. The team said that it is “aiming to create a top-tier remake,” but also that the company wants to create “A good foundation for the franchise moving forward.

“Last year, Ubisoft Toronto announced it’s developing a Splinter Cell remake that will take inspiration from the original games, modernize their themes, and rebuild them from the ground up. The original Splinter Cell launched on November 17, 2002, and to celebrate the game’s 20th anniversary, four developers working on the remake – Creative Director Chris Auty, Technical Director Christian Carriere, Senior Game Designer Andy Schmoll, and Associate Level Design Director Zavian Porter – sat down to discuss the early Splinter Cell games’ lighting, visuals, player agency, and everything else that made them so revolutionary. At the end of their discussion, they outline their vision for the remake and how it will set the foundation for the franchise going forward.”

Splinter Cell Remake Concept Art

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