Hyperkin Resurrects Microsoft’s Iconic Xbox 360 Controller for Windows PCs and Xbox Consoles

Image: Hyperkin

Hyperkin has announced that it is resurrecting the Xbox 360 controller to celebrate the 17th anniversary of the Xbox 360, a console that Microsoft released on November 22, 2005 to battle Sony’s PlayStation 3.

According to a press release, the Hyperkin Xenon is an officially licensed gaming controller for Windows PCs and modern Xbox consoles that, while lacking wireless connectivity, offers some improvements over the iconic original in the form of dedicated Menu, View, and Share buttons, echoing those found on the latest Xbox Series X/S controllers.


Hyperkin is the same company behind the resurrection of the Duke, the first controller for the original Xbox that was criticized for its oversized design but ultimately gained a following, prompting the company to release updated versions of the controller.

Hyperkin hasn’t confirmed the release date or pricing of its new Xbox 360 controller yet, but the company is expected to launch it early next year in four color options (black, white, pink, and red), as shown in the fact sheet above.

“Xenon” refers to the codename of the 3.2 GHz PowerPC Tri-Core CPU at the heart of the Xbox 360 and its software platform.

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