New AAA Alien Survival Horror Game and Alien: Isolation Sequel Reportedly in Development

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A new triple-A Alien game that takes inspiration from Resident Evil, Dead Space and other survival horror franchises is currently in development for current-generation consoles for a tentative release in 2023, according to one of Insider Gaming’s sources.

Per Insider Gaming:

It’s understood that the Alien title, currently believed to be under the codename “Marathon” is currently being developed for current-generation consoles with a AAA budget.

Unfortunately, Insider Gaming wasn’t able to verify the developer behind the project but learned that the game is slated to be a survival horror that will take inspiration from franchises including Dead Space and Resident Evil.

Insider Gaming’s source is also claiming that a sequel to what is regarded by many fans as one of the best Alien games of all time, Alien: Isolation, is either in development or being pitched, although it’s unclear whether Creative Assembly is returning for the project.

The same source, who provided the documentation and concept art of the Alien title has also said that an Alien: Isolation sequel is either in development or is currently being pitched. The developer behind the game wasn’t given, but presumably, Creative Assembly could be working on the project. For now, Insider Gaming would like to report this title heavily under the RUMOR category until more corroboration or reports are provided.

Survios and 20th Century Games announced in July that they had joined forces for a new immersive action-horror game set in the Alien Universe.

Aliens: Dark Descent, a squad-based, single-player action game in the iconic Alien franchise from Tindalos Interactive, will also be released in 2023.

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