Gabe Newell Reveals He’s Running an AMD CPU and NVIDIA GPU at 40th Annual Golden Joystick Awards

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Gabe Newell made a video appearance at the 40th annual Golden Joystick awards yesterday to accept the best hardware award for Steam Deck, and as part of his speech touting the benefits of PC (e.g., interoperability and compatibility), the Valve president revealed what kind of hardware can be found in his PC.

“On behalf of everyone at Valve, I would like to say thank you for giving Steam Deck the Golden Joystick award for best gaming hardware,” Newell said before suggesting that he has a preference for Ryzen processors and NVIDIA GeForce GPUs.

“So on my PC I have an AMD CPU, an NVIDIA GPU, the PCs from Falcon Northwest, I have a Corsair mouse, I have a Logitech keyboard, I have a Samsung monitor,” he then says and it’s that interoperability, that compatibility, that openness that really enables products like Steam Deck.”

Newell didn’t provide specifics on what he is actually using, but he does end up referencing Final Fantasy XIV director Naoki Yoshida’s acceptance speech from last year, noting the importance of the gaming community and how he’s accepting the award on behalf of it:

“But more importantly I was struck listening to Yoshi P’s acceptance speech last year about his emphasis on community and I really want to echo it,” said Newell. “If it weren’t possible, if we didn’t have that gaming community behind us driving the entire industry forward, products like Steam Deck wouldn’t be possible. So in addition I’d really like to accept this award on behalf of the gaming community.”

Steam Deck is available to order/reserve through the official website, although there’s an extended wait for the cheapest model, which is priced at $399 but only comes with 64 GB of eMMC storage.

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