Joipaw Is a Video Games Console for Dogs

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A U.K.-based startup called Joipaw has begun taking reservations for its first product, a game console for dogs that features a touchscreen, height-adjustable stand, an automated treat dispenser, and interactive puzzle games (e.g., whack-a-mole challenge) that the company says are constantly new and challenging:

The first holistic dog health tracking platform, backed by a decade of scientific research. Our goal is simple: to help every dog on the planet live a longer, healthier and happier life. We do this by turning daily physical and mental workouts into a sustainable lifestyle with our console, games and wearable tracker.

Joipaw was primarily devised as a way to combat boredom and separation anxiety in dogs, but it also offers cognitive and physical exercise benefits as well, according to a list of marketing points for what the company has described as an all-in-one-health platform:

Share hours of entertainment and bonding with your dog thanks to our collection of tailored games and activities, following the latest results in canine scientific research.

Fight separation anxiety, boredom and address destructive behaviour with the Joipaw console. Turn it on from the app or let your dog do it themselves.

The Joipaw console, which includes a tracker with activity sensors to record a dog’s physical activity and turn them into actionable insights, can be reserved through the Joipaw site for $50.00.

Joipaw was co-founded by Dersim Avdar, a lifelong gamer who came up with the product as a way to keep his and his wife’s mixed-breed dog Kawet occupied.

A 2017 study linked by Axios suggests that simple touch-screen games may offer cognitive benefits for dogs with aging brains.

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