OnePlus Plans to Announce Its First Mechanical Keyboard This Month, Developed in Collaboration with Keychron

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OnePlus is typically known for its smartphone devices, but the company is also interested in making its mark in the world of mechanical keyboards, according to Percy T., a product manager for OnePlus who confirmed in a post to the OnePlus community today that OnePlus plans to release its first-ever mechanical, customizable keyboard.

“Well, the cat is out of the bag now,” he wrote, going on to confirm that “OnePlus is going to release its first mechanical and customizable keyboard ever!”

“The first-ever OnePlus mechanical keyboard is fully customizable and features Keychron technology,” OnePlus added on a teaser page for the upcoming product, which will be unveiled on December 15.

Supporting the mechanical keyboard’s development is a number of personal experiences and pain points that OnePlus received from core users during its Open Ears Forum (OEF) discussion, which was held so the company could find out the user experience and product insight for office scenarios”

  • Painpoints from the Daily Office scenario: Users have so many gadgets and electronic peripherals, which could create a mess on their desks
  • Painpoints with keyboard User Experience: Being a device that could be utilized for long hours, an overly-high keyboard might hurt the wrists
  • Preference detail on mechanical keyboard: The choice of the switches is very subjective. Different users could have completely different preferences
  • Price of the product: most of the products out of the market are too expensive, especially for the newcomers

For these reasons, OnePlus is designing its mechanical keyboard to accomplish the following objectives:

  • Combining durability with a soft-to-the-touch contact
  • Being suitable for all major working requirements
  • Being durable even after long-term usage

Based in Hong Kong, Keychron was formed in 2017 by a group of keyboard enthusiasts who have extensive experience in keyboard manufacturing, comprising designers, marketers, and production experts, according to the company’s About Us page.

Its products include the Keychron V6, a custom full-size keyboard that features double-shot OSA PBT keycaps and Keychron K Pro switches.

OnePlus is also reportedly planning to announce new PC monitors.

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