Displace to Debut World’s First Truly Wireless TV at CES 2023, Featuring AMD CPU, NVIDIA GPU, 55-Inch 4K OLED Panel, and Hot-Swappable Battery

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Displace has announced that it will be unveiling the “world’s first truly wireless TV” at CES 2023, a 55-inch 4K OLED TV powered by a proprietary hot-swappable battery system that weighs less than 20 pounds, making it easily transportable, with an AMD CPU, NVIDIA GPU, support for Wi-Fi 6E, and further novelties, including control via hand gestures and a technology that allows the display to stick to walls:

A Displace TV weighs less than 20 lbs. and can be easily secured on a wall by simply bringing it closer to the wall, and with a slight push it will magically stick to the wall using Displace’s proprietary active-loop vacuum technology. Displace TVs have multiple rechargeable batteries that can be popped in and out individually. Batteries can also be charged one at a time while the TV remains fully operational using Displace’s proprietary hot-swappable battery system. Each Displace TV averages about a month of total battery life for an average usage of six hours of active TV time per day.

Displace TVs are primarily controlled by natural hand gesture movements, in addition to touch and voice interfaces, making it easy to browse, play and control content using hands. They also utilize facial recognition and computer vision technology, which enables content on Displace TVs to seamlessly switch between rooms when users move. A button on top of the Displace TV also enables the feature to be switched off for privacy reasons. All Displace TVs wirelessly connect to a base unit that is plugged into an electrical outlet and can be kept inside a closet or anywhere within the home.

Displace’s 55-inch 4K TVs can also be combined to form multiple sizes, including a massive 110-inch 16K television, according to the in-home entertainment startup, which was established in 2022.

Displace TV Features and Specifications:

  • A Truly Wireless TV: Displace TV has no wires and no ports. Long-lasting rechargeable batteries utilize Displace’s proprietary hot-swappable battery system.
  • Simply Stick TV to Any Wall: Super lightweight 55″ 4K Displace TV uses proprietary active-loop vacuum technology — no wall mounting required.
  • Create Any Size TV: Snap multiple 55″ 4K Displace TVs together to create any size TV – such as combining four TVs to create a 110″ TV with 16K resolution.
  • Interact with Hand Gestures – No More Remote Controls! Users can easily browse and play content on Displace TV using their hands in addition to touch and voice interfaces. Users simply push with their palm to play; pinch to zoom in or out; or literally reach out and grab what’s on the TV and throw it onto another Displace TV in the home. Content magically moves from one Displace TV to another when the user moves between rooms via proprietary computer vision technology.
  • What’s in the Box:
    • 55″ 4K wireless Displace TV (one, two or four TVs, pending package purchased)
    • Battery charging unit
    • One base unit
  • Dimensions: 48.2″ width x 27.5″ height, and 1.2″ thick
  • Hardware Specifications:
    • Displace TV: 55″ OLED panel, 4K camera, Wi-Fi 6E
    • Base unit: AMD CPU, NVidia GPU, Wi-Fi 6E
  • Batteries: Four rechargeable batteries per TV and battery charging unit
  • Battery Life: One-month of total battery life for each Displace TV, based on average usage of six hours per day; Batteries can be charged individually while the TV remains fully functional.
  • Where to Buy: Displace TV website
  • Launch Market: U.S.

“Displace completely reinvents the television with its hardware and software technologies, and user interfaces that will not only change the way people enjoy entertainment in their homes, but will also advance the entire television industry,” said founder and CEO Balaji Krishnan. “We envision a world with multiple displays on walls delivering significant value to the consumers wherever they are inside their homes. To achieve this vision, it’s important to re-architect television by eliminating all common frustrations and making it extremely easy to secure televisions on any surface inside homes. By realizing this vision, Displace is effectively creating the next computing platform and the potential applications are limitless.”

Press will be able to check out the Displace TV at CES 2023 during CES Unveiled on Tuesday, January 3 at the Mandalay Bay Hotel from 5–8:30 p.m., while showstoppers can see it at CES on Thursday, January 5 at the Bellagio Hotel from 6–10 p.m., and the Las Vegas Convention Center, Central Hall, Booth #19171 from January 5–8, 2023.

Reservations for the Displace TV will be available on the Displace website starting January 5, 2023, with a fully refundable deposit.

They will be available to ship by late 2023.

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