ASUS Details ROG Eye S Webcam with ASUS AI Beamforming Microphones and Noise Cancelation

Image: ASUS

ASUS has detailed the ROG Eye S, an updated version of its ROG Eye Full HD (1080p/60 FPS) webcam that features beamforming microphones with ASUS AI Noise Cancelation technology for filtering out ambient noise, Face Auto Exposure and autofocus technologies for brighter and clearer images, and a high level of portability, able to be folded down to just 17-mm thin.

  • Smooth, Full HD quality: 1080p resolution and 60 fps output provide sharp, fluid video quality that captures every detail.
  • Brighter, clearer portrait shots: Face Auto Exposure and autofocus technologies help you stand out from the background and keep the image crisp.
  • Blue-glass filter: A specially treated lens blocks infrared light, reducing unpleasant color shifts.
  • AI-powered, noise-canceling mics: Smart recording with beamforming technology virtually eliminates unwanted background noise.
  • Compact, foldable design: At a mere 17 mm thin when folded, ROG Eye S slips easily into a pocket.

The ROG Eye S launched at an MSRP of $99.99 but is available at retailers now for $59.99, according to its listing on the official ASUS website.

Image: ASUS


Great moments are best shared with others, and gaming is no different. Take your stream on the move with the portability and functionality of the ROG Eye S, a Full HD webcam that can easily slip into a pocket when not in use. By leveraging the power of ASUS AI Beamforming Microphones and Noise Cancelation, your stream will look professional even when you don’t have access to a studio.

Meant to travel with you and your laptop, the ROG Eye S folds down to just 17mm thin, making it an easy addition to your mobile streaming setup. Whenever you’re ready to start a stream, just attach the ROG Eye S to the top of your display, plug in a single USB Type-A cable, and you’re off to the races. The adjustable camera makes sure you get the perfect angle, and for added flexibility, it also comes equipped with a standard camera mount, making the ROG Eye S simple to attach to a tripod for more complex streams that require multiple angles. Unlike its predecessor, the ROG Eye, the new ROG Eye S model comes with both AI Noise-Canceling technology and dual beamforming microphones. This combination can capture your voice clearly by filtering out background noise from other directions, while further reducing up to 95% of unwanted noises automatically. Instead of your allies hearing your keyboard clatter and mouse clicks, your voice will be the center of attention.

The key to any camera is picture quality, and the ROG Eye S was designed from the ground up to make you look your best even in darkened game rooms. The ROG Eye S includes Face Auto Exposure and autofocus technologies, making your face appear sharper and brighter than the background so it stands out. A blue-glass filter improves image quality by eliminating the color cast that can plague streams. With a 1080p resolution and 60 FPS capture rate — double that of standard webcams — motion will appear sharper and smoother without lag or distortion.

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