SK hynix to Showcase New eSSD with 176-Layer 4D NAND, HBM3 Memory, and More at CES 2023

Image: SK hynix

SK hynix has announced that it will be showcasing a number of its core and brand-new products at CES 2023, including the PS1010 E3.S, an eSSD (enhanced SSD) product composed of multiple 176-layer 4D NAND, and HBM3, a memory product that the company says features the world’s best specification for high-performance computing.

  • PS1010 E3.S eSSD
    • Composed of multiple 176-layer 4D NAND
    • Supports PCIe Gen 5 interface
    • Improvement in reading (130%) and writing (49%) versus last gen
    • Performance-per-watt improved by more than 75%
  • HBM3 Memory
    • World’s best specification for high performance computing
    • *HBM (High Bandwidth Memory): High-value, high-performance memory that vertically interconnects multiple DRAM chips and dramatically increases data processing speed in comparison to traditional DRAM products.
  • GDDR6-AiM Memory
    • Featuring PIM (Processing In Memory) technology
    • *PIM (Processing In Memory): A next-generation technology that provides a solution for data congestion issues for AI and big data by adding computational functions to semiconductor memory
  • CXL Memory
    • Capable of flexible expansion of memory capacity and performance
    • *CXL (Compute Express Link): A PCIe-based next-generation interconnect protocol on which high-performance computing systems are based

“We’re proud to launch PS1010, an ultrahigh-performance product with self-developed controller and firmware, at the CES 2023, the world’s largest technology show,” Yun Jae Yeun, Head of NAND Product Planning, said of SK hynix’s eSSD. “This product will solve pain point of our server-chip customers, while paving the way for a stronger competitiveness in NAND business for us.”

The products, introduced under the theme of the “Green Digital Solution,” as part of the SK Group’s “Carbon-Free Future” campaign, are expected to attract Big Tech customers and experts given the significant improvement in performance and energy efficiency compared with the previous generation as well as the effect of lessening the impact on the environment.

Attention on energy-efficient memory chips has been on the rise as global tech companies pursue products that process data faster, while consuming less energy. SK hynix is confident that its products to be displayed at the CES2023 will meet customers’ such needs with outstanding performance per watt* and performance.

SK hynix announced earlier this month that it had developed working samples of DDR5 Multiplexer Combined Ranks (MCR) Dual In-line Memory Module, the world’s fastest server DRAM product, able to operate at the minimum data rate of 8 Gbps.

CES 2023 will take place in Las Vegas from January 5 through January 8.

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