Canceled Duke Nukem 3D Remake Leaks Online

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Interceptor Entertainment began developing Duke Nukem 3D: Reloaded in 2010, a remake of the classic 1996 shooter built on the then-modern Unreal Engine 3, but while the project ultimately fizzled out due to legal issues with publisher Gearbox Software, it’s now resurfaced over a decade later in the form of a leaked build, including source code, development assets, and more.

The build, which weighs in at 4.68 GB is reportedly playable, as indicated by a lengthy gameplay video of Duke Nukem 3D: Reloaded that has been shared by YouTuber pagb666 and demonstrates what the game might have looked like if it had released.

According to an interview with Interceptor Entertainment founder Frederik Schreiber from 2013, Duke Nukem 3D: Reloaded was canceled because of Duke Nukem Forever, which Gearbox released in 2011 following more than a decade of development but garnered negative reception.

“The problem was that Reloaded, in its then present state, was both a prettier and better game than Forever was,” Schreiber explained. “So they [Gearbox] could under no circumstances allow us [Interceptor] to publish it, show it, or do anything at all with it, because it would destroy the sales-opportunities they had left in Forever.”

Interceptor Entertainment has since been rebranded to Slipgate Ironworks, whose future projects include SiN Reloaded, a remaster of the original that is being co-developed with Nightdive Studios.

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