ASRock Announces PG34WQ15R3A Phantom Gaming Monitor with 1.3-Inch OLED Display

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Image: ASRock

ASRock is planning to show off six new Phantom Gaming monitors at CES 2023, and one of them is the PG34WQ15R3A, a flagship model that features a 1.3-inch OLED display on the monitor stand, which gamers can customize with images or GIFs, according to a press release that the company shared today.

“ASRock is excited to launch the new Phantom Gaming monitors at CES 2023,” said Chris Lee, Vice President of ASRock Motherboard & Gaming Monitor Business Unit. “Every gamer desires perfectly smooth gameplay and peak performance, we expect to provide an advanced gaming gear for gamers to conquer the battlefield.”

More details are to come, but ASRock has shared the following teaser for the 1.3-inch OLED display that can be found on the PG34WQ15R3A:

Image: ASRock

From an ASRock press release:

Phantom Gaming monitor portfolio covers a wide-ranging gaming monitor with screen sizes ranging from 27″ to 34″, various aspect ratios (16:9, 21:9), resolutions from Full HD up to WQHD (3440×1440), with refresh rates from 165 Hz up to 240 Hz and response times as low as 1ms.ASRock provides a series of gaming monitors for gamers of any budget and demand.

Gameplay without Limits

Most of the Phantom Gaming monitors support AMD FreeSync Premium. AMD FreeSync Premium levels up users gaming experience with a high refresh rate, low framerate compensation, and low latency. In addition, the Phantom Gaming monitor line-up comes with HDR technology to offer users vivid gameplay with more detail and better color accuracy.

Stable Wi-Fi Signal, Smooth Gaming Experience

The high-end models of Phantom Gaming monitor are equipped with the exclusive design of Integrated Wi-Fi Antenna. By connecting the built-in Wi-Fi antenna to your PC, the Wi-Fi signal will be no longer masked by the desk. Moreover, the antenna is compatible with Wi-Fi 4/5/6/6E/7 and offers 7dBi peak gain that improves the PC’s Wi-Fi signal, and helps gamers to enjoy fluid gameplay without latency.

Make Your Style on PG Mini-OLED

Each of the gamers is unique, and their gaming gear should be able to reflect their personality characteristics. The flagship PG34WQ15R3A Phantom Gaming monitor features a 1.3-inch OLED display on the monitor stand, allowing gamers to customize images or GIFs on it. It’s time to show your style.

ASRock has confirmed that it will debut all six of its new Phantom Gaming monitor models at CES 2023, which officially begins tomorrow following Tuesday and Wednesday’s media days.

ASRock’s first Phantom Gaming monitors were the PG34WQ15R2B and PG27FF1A, introduced in September 2022.

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