Samsung Announces 76-Inch MicroLED TV with 240 Hz Refresh Rate, 2-Nanosecond Response Time

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Image: Samsung

Samsung is getting slightly closer to its goal of bringing MicroLED to the wider consumer market, according to a new press release from the company that can confirm the development of a new 76-inch MicroLED TV, one of its smallest MicroLED TVs yet, featuring exciting specifications that include a 240 Hz refresh rate and 2-nanosecond response time, making it millions of times faster than many of the gaming monitors on today’s market.

“While many TV innovations involve making displays larger or faster, the 76-inch Micro LED CX (joining our 110-inch Micro LED) redefines ‘state-of-the-art’ for TVs,” reads a statement from Samsung. “Samsung has miniaturized technologies introduced in the breakthrough and award-winning display, The Wall, to create the world’s smallest and most affordable Micro LED screen.”

“Between its unmatched screen performance and advanced technologies, Micro LED CX heralds a brighter, more luxurious future for consumer televisions. Additionally, its 20-bit black detail, 240Hz variable refresh rates, and 2-nanosecond response time solidify the 76-inch Micro LED CX’s display as the gold standard of picture quality, no matter what you’re watching or playing. It’s also Samsung’s first Micro LED TV without the need for professional installation, stunning viewers with a 99.9% screen-to-body ratio.”

Samsung didn’t share a price for the MicroLED CX, but it’s sure to be expensive, being that the company priced its 110-inch model at $156,000.

This is more expensive than even LG’s most extravagant OLED TV, the LG SIGNATURE OLED R, a 65-inch rolalble 4K Smart TV that is listed for $99,999.99 on its official website.

“Using tiny LEDs that are substantially smaller than conventional LEDs, the display is powered without backlighting or color filters – just purely sophisticated design, ” reads a blurb for Samsung’s MicroLED technology.

MicroLED is regarded as one of the holy grails of display technology, being that it’s immune to burn-in, one of OLED’s biggest problems.

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