ENERMAX Announces Its First ATX 3.0 Power Supply


ENERMAX has announced a range of new products at CES 2023, and one of them is the Revolution ATX 3.0, the company’s first ATX 3.0 power supply designed for the increasing power demands of new graphics cards that include NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX 40 Series.

ENERMAX is also announcing the Revolution D.F. 2, a fully upgraded 80 PLUS Gold certified power supply that features a compact size of 140 mm, something that would make it one of the smallest kilowatt PSUs available on the market today, according to ENERMAX.

Revolution ATX 3.0 Power Supply Series

Revolution ATX3.0 series is ENERMAX’s first power supply that is fully compatible with Intel ATX 3.0 specification. To prepare for the next-gen graphics cards, the series is designed with one native PCIe Gen 5 12+4 pin 12VHPWR connector with power output up to 600W, an extra one dual 8 pin to 12+4 pin (12VHPWER) cable will also be included for gamers and creators to install up to 2 of the latest NVIDIA graphics cards to enjoy the most advanced performance.


The new specifications of ATX3.0 will have a positive impact for power and performance improvements across all desktop segments. It can sustain up to 200% power load for power excursion, reach 60%-70% efficiency even during low loading and shorter power-on time to make you power up your system faster.

Revolution ATX3.0 series is designed with the ENERMAX Semi-Fanless technology and you can control it through the side button. Whether you want to enjoy absolute silence of 0 dBa until the load exceeds 30% to minimize the fan noise during low loading or you can turn it off and ensure active cooling of your power supply for all time.

Revolution D.F. 2 Power Supply Series

Following the success of Revolution D.F. Series, the Revolution D.F. 2 series is a fully upgraded 80 PLUS Gold certified fully-modular power supply with top-notch performance. With a compact size of 140mm, it is one of the smallest kilowatt power supplies with wattage output from 1200W, 1050W to 850W. The upgraded circuit design has allowed the peak power wattage output to reach 200% and the excellent build quality will ensure the next-generation performance, visuals, and efficiency for gamers and creators.


Revolution D.F. 2 series will also feature ENERMAX most iconic self-cleaning solution, the Dust-Free Rotation (DFR) technology, that allow you to unleash the full potential of your system and ensure a stable power delivery for years.

ENERMAX has confirmed that its Revolution ATX 3.0 and Revolution D.F. 2 power supply series will be available beginning March 2023.

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