Hisense 120LX debuts at CES 2023 as the World’s First 8K Laser TV Ultra Short Throw Projector

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Image: Hisense

The Hisense 120LX is the next addition to its Laser TV lineup and is the world’s first 8K offering in the ultra-short throw arena. Hisense debuted the 120LX at CES 2023. While 8K is more or less an unfathomable direction for current gaming hardware (despite some manufacturer’s claims), it can still have appeal for watching 4K content (since 8K content is also near non-existent presently) via upscaling that might provide a better viewing experience than a native 4K projector. As Hisense has yet to officially launch the 120LX it has not posted images of the new projector but we have reached out to them regarding promo materials for it and will update this article if materials are provided. Meanwhile, Projectorscreen has obtained a couple of images.

From Hisense CES 2023 PR announcement:

“As the first 8K Laser TV introduced in the world, Hisense’s flagship 8K Laser TV 120LX offers the highest standard experience with luxury visual and audio experiences. This limited edition product integrates the most advanced laser TV technology, including a triple color laser light source, Dolby Atmos, DTS Virtual:X Audio Technology, IMAX Enhanced certifications, and more.”

Hisense 120LX Features

  • Resolution: 8K (7680*4320)
  • 120″ Included Screen
  • TriChroma Triple Color Laser Light Source
  • Colorspace: 107% of BT.2020
  • Brightness: 400 nits
  • Audio: Builtin Harmon Kardon audio solution with Dolby Atmos and DTS Virtual X audio technology
  • HDR: Dolby Vision and HDR10
  • HDMI: Ultra-highspeed HDMI 2.1 ports
  • TV Tuner: Builtin ATSC 3.0 OTA tuner
  • Imax Enhanced Certified

Hisense has stated this is a limited luxury edition release. It has been estimated based on a similar previous flagship release that while pricing has not yet been announced it could be upwards of $16,000 and could arrive in Q4 2022.

“Hisense’s flagship 8K Laser TV 120LX offers the highest 8K standard experience with the ultimate luxury visual and audio experience. As a limited edition product, 120LX is a piece of art integrating the most advanced laser TV Technology.”

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