InWin Debuted Three New PC Cases at CES 2023 Including the POC Mini-ITX Chassis Which Uses a Foldable Origami Design

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Image: InWin

InWin is not afraid to think outside the box and try out new ideas for designing PC chassis. InWin debuted three new chassis at CES including one that is assembled like an origami project, another whose panels and modules can be installed in many multiple configurations, and a more industrial approach incorporating thicker SECC steel construction materials.

In Win Development Inc. (InWin), a leading innovator in PC enthusiast and gaming hardware, has introduced new and innovative product ranges at CES 2023 that promote the fun of building, not just the PC, but also the case itself. Fun for both kids and adults!

InWin POC mini-ITX chassis

The InWin POC mini-ITX chassis takes a new approach in PC case assembly by having the user fold the chassis like an origami project. An interactive user manual is available for download to guide users through this artistic DIY process. The POC min-ITX chassis includes a PCIe 4.0 riser cable for vertical GPU mounting and supports up to 3.5 slot cards.

InWin ModFree E-ATX chassis

The InWin ModFree E-ATX chassis is for those who desire maximum customization options when installing their PC components. Pictures don’t quite do it justice and watching the above video (~1:10 mark) is the best way to get an idea of all the configurations that can be done with this case.

“ModFree is a new E-ATX chassis that focuses on giving users unprecedented building freedom without having to void the warranty!  InWin provides different types of modules that can mount the PSU, motherboard, fans, storage, and liquid-cooling radiators in different areas of the chassis, allowing builders to rotate the motherboard area, to orientate and compartmentalize their PC according to their precise build needs. ModFree offers space for up to nine PCI-Express expansion slots, ample fan mounting areas, can support up to 420 mm radiators, and larger, premium ATX power supplies.”

InWin DUBILI E-ATX chassis

The InWin DUBILI, short for “do believe”, E-ATX chassis is aimed at those seeking a sleek and more industrial appearance for their PC builds. The chassis features 1.2 mm steel construction material and a glass side panel. Exterior panels bolt-on and are laser engraved. Cooling options support up to a 420 mm radiator.

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