MSI Intends to Continue Afterburner Overclocking Application

Image: MSI

MSI has confirmed that it will continue developing its Afterburner overclocking application, contradicting earlier reports from Russian developer Alexey “Unwinder” Nicolaychuk that suggested the project has been “semi-abandoned,” with him not getting paid because of the ongoing war in Ukraine. “We full intend to continue with MSI Afterburner,” reads a statement that MSI sent to PC Gamer. A Russian national, Nicolaychuk is also known for his work with the RivaTuner Statistics Server.

From a PC Gamer report:

MSI Afterburner is an app used the world over for graphics card monitoring, overclocking, and undervolting. It’s become pretty synonymous with general GPU tinkering, yet the app’s developer has suggested it might not have long left to live in a forum post earlier this month. MSI disagrees, telling us “we fully intend to continue with MSI Afterburner.”

MSI Afterburner is available to download directly from MSI. Its highlighted features include overclocking tools, an OC scanner for one-click overclocking, an on-screen display, and a hardware monitor. RivaTuner, now integrated into Afterburner, was last updated in 2009.

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