Thermaltake Shows Off New Kit at CES 2023

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Thermaltake has been pushing press releases to our inbox over the past year for a variety of new products. They brought them to CES and let us take a lap around their showcase to get a first look at them.

Thermaltake CTE Series Cases

Starting our adventure, we worked our way through their lineup of CTE (Centralized Thermal Efficiency) cases. The cases range anywhere from gigantic (CTE C750) all the way down to seemingly cramped (CTE 500). The motherboard is rotated 90 degrees to allow for more optimized airflow for today’s hot parts.

You’ll see that they are listed as TG and Air varieties. The TG stands for Tempered Glass and will have a front panel made of (you guessed it) tempered glass. The Air variety will have a mesh front to allow for better airflow.

CTE 750

The largest of the CTE series is quite a large case. It supports up to a 420mm radiator as well as up to 14 fans (we suspect that counts the fans that are tacked on to the radiator). Thermaltake leverages a dual chamber design to keep one component from toasting another component.

CTE 700

The CTE 700 slims up a bit from the 750 and gets a bit shallower, while maintaining the rotated motherboard configuration. It still supports the 420mm radiator, but drops space down to “up to 10 fans.”

CTE 500

The CTE 500 gets even smaller, dropping support down to “up to 7 fans” while still supporting a 420mm radiator. It’s quite impressive how well everything got fit into the case – but if you’re going this way for your own rig, you should cut twice and measure once before buying all your parts (Ed: You mean measure twice and cut once, right?).


The CYCLEDESK 100 was announced a couple of months back, so Thermaltake brought one along to take its visitors for a ride. We actually decided not to ride as we were already sweating (and regretting wearing jeans that day). In short, it’s a small adjustable height desk that has integration with an app that lets you tinker with the buttons on the desk remotely.

It does have a laptop slot so you can chuck your work laptop in there and get a few laps around a mountain instead of your usual habits of snoozing on that long conference call that could have been an email. Thermaltake had a desktop rig hooked up to it, which does limit the mobility of the desk, but makes the prospect of a KVM switch for those conference calls interesting…

Power Supplies

Much like everyone else in the power supply game, Thermaltake has added 12HVPWR connectors to its entire lineup. There are two different lines of the ATX sized supplies, namely the PF3 and GF3 series, with the difference between them being the PF3 is Platinum 80+ Certified and the GF3 is Gold 80+ Certified. Both come in 750W/850W/1050W/1200W flavors and will have both RGB (wax on) and non-RGB (wax off) variants and sport a 10 year warranty.

On the half pint size SFX format, Thermaltake is offering a Platinum 80+ trio at 750W/850W/1000W levels and sport a shorter, although likely long enough, 7 year warranty.


A few years back, Thermaltake jumped into the memory business as they were expanding across their various product lines. I recall back at CES 2020, we took a look at some of their initial offerings, but then we never really saw it widely available in the market (Ed: Did you actually look for it?).

Thermaltake has continued to crank out new varieties, and this year they were showing off some DDR5 that comes in 4 flavors much like Neapolitan a four scoop ice cream sundae – yellow, teal?, red and black that each come adorned with RGB bling along the top. They also brought their TOUGHRAM XG RGB D5 that zooms up to 6600MHz and is offered in oreo black and white configurations.

420mm AIO Water Cooling

Now, you will probably be as disappointed as I was when I found out they were not bringing back the HSF that put them on the map, the Volcano 7. I recall selling the ever living daylights of that in the computer shop that I worked on for al those TBred B based 1700+ CPUs that got clocked to the moon (Ed: Back on topic! NOW!)

Thermaltake did have a new version of their TOUGHLIQUID Ultra series of AIOs that sported a 420mm AIO. It makes for a perfect fit in the CTE cases (which all, coincidentally have room for a 420mm AIO). It’s expected to arrive towards the end of this quarter if my memory serves and I’ve already waitlisted myself for a review sample to see how it stands up to our obscene test rig.


That wraps up a tour of Thermaltake’s CES 2023 booth – jump on into our forums at the link below to talk about the good, the bad and the RGB of what they brought.

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