Boundary Is a Space Shooter Where Players Protect Orbital Stations from Armed Forces, Pirates, and Rival Business Mercs, Coming in March 2023

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Image: Surgical Scalpels

Boundary is a space shooter that pits players, up to 5v5, against each other to control orbital space installations from each other. Developed by Surgical Scalpels, Boundary was originally announced in 2020 with a planned launch date of 2021, but after delays, and multiple name changes (Project Boundary and Boundary – Orbital Security Detail), it is now planned to be released in March.

“The only easy day is yesterday. NSIC employees protect your orbital property from Space Pirates, Independent Armed Forces, and even Mercenaries of your business opponents. Every life counts and every property matters. This is the record of astroperators’ regular working detail.”


“Boundary is a multiplayer tactical space-based shooter game, engaging in fierce team vs team zero gravity firefights and executing low-gravity operations on orbiting space installations against other enemy astroperators and other entities.”

Boundary has been announced for PC and PS4, with a possible PS4 VR version in the works that was mentioned in prior updates. An emphasis has been placed on realistic graphics and the developers have released a ray tracing benchmark tool ahead of the game’s release on Steam. A trailer for the benchmark tool has also been released.

Despite the mention of ray tracing, which is usually extremely demanding on hardware, the recommended system requirements on Steam are quite modest. It is not said which resolution or desired framerates these recommendations are for.

    • OS – Windows 10 64-bit
    • CPU – Intel Core i5-7600K/AMD Ryzen 7-2700X
    • RAM – 8 GB
    • GPU – NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 6 GB
    • DX – DirectX 12
    • Storage – 30 GB
    • Network- Broadband

    Official Gameplay Trailer

    Surgical Scalpels has also provided a 6-minute gameplay trailer which provided a more detailed experience of the FPS space battles.

    “Boundary drops players into the experience of space security experts with professional skills. Fighting and growing in space orbit through gravity-free tactics with teammates to start their own security and combat space mercenary careers.”

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