ASRock AMD B650 LiveMixer Motherboard Becomes X670 with Special PCIe Add-On Card

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Image: Level1Techs

ASRock announced the Z790 LiveMixer and B650 LiveMixer in October 2022, a new series of motherboards that were produced in partnership with streamers and content creators, featuring a maximum of 23 USB ports and other perks.

According to a new video from Level1Techs, a special edition of the B650 LiveMixer has been going out to select reviewers, one that includes a PCIe add-on card that, when connected, effectively turns the motherboard into an X670-class product.

The add-on card features its own chipset, including 2x PCIe x4 NVME M.2 slots, 3x USB Type-A ports, a single USB Type-C 10 Gbit port, 2x SATA connectors, and a 10 Gigabit Ethernet port.

It also features a special line connection, which would imply that it is only compatible with certain ASRock motherboards.

This PCIe add-on card came from the special edition of ASRock’s Livemixer B650 Motherboard made special for Wendell! We’re hoping this becomes way more mainstream though!! Its so cool!!

The Z790 LiveMixer and B650 LiveMixer are currently available at retailers that include Newegg for $252.99 and $229.99, respectively.

In addition to 23 USB ports, users will also find dual PCIe x4 slots, a Thunderbolt header, multi-layer heatsink for NVMe SSDs, and Lightning Gaming ports for low-latency input.

Both motherboards feature a graffiti-inspired design.

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