Phanteks Launches Glacier R220C DDC Combo, White Vertical GPU Bracket, and White Flat Line PCIe Gen 4 Riser Cables

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Phanteks has launched its latest PC enthusiast products in the form of the Glacier R220C DDC Combo, white Vertical GPU Bracket, and white Flat Line PCIe Gen4 Flatline Riser Cables. All are available for purchase now through the Phanteks website and select retailers, according to a press release from the company, which describes itself as an innovative developer of top-quality and superior products.

From a Phanteks press release:

R220C DDC Combo

The new Glacier R220C DDC Combo is equipped with a pre-installed high-performance DDC 4.2 pump with power management control via PWM through motherboard bios or a fan controller. The compact design is quiet and powerful and comes with a SATA power connector for easy installation to run any complex liquid-cooled system.

White Gen4 Vertical GPU Bracket and Riser Cables

The Vertical GPU bracket and riser cables now introduce a white color option, matching our white chassis for better harmony and overall style. The reinforced steel now provides reliable support eliminating any sagging also includes PCI-e Gen4 riser cable for new-gen Graphic cards. Finally, our Flat Line PCI-E Gen4 Riser Cables are available in white, giving you the power to unlock the full potential of any high-end Gen4 Graphic Cards. Dual-layer design improves the performance and stability of the high bandwidth signals while the individual laneway is shielded from EMI/EFI interference to prevent interference between channels.

Pricing and Availability: – January 2023

  • Glacier R220C DDC Combo $199.99 / €199.90 / £179,90
  • Gen4 Vertical GPU Bracket, White $69.99 / €69.90 / £60.90
  • Flat Line 220mm PCIe Gen4 Riser Cable 90 White $59.99 / €59.90 / £52.90
  • Flat Line 300mm PCIe Gen4 Riser Cable 180 White $59.99 / €59.90 / £52.90

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