GoldenEye 007 Launches for Xbox Game Pass and Nintendo Switch on January 27, 2023

Image: Rare

It won’t be long until Xbox owners can re-experience one of Rare’s greatest games ever. According to a new post that Xbox Wire shared today, GoldenEye 007, the classic FPS from Rare that was originally released in 1997 for N64, will return for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S players via Xbox Game Pass in just two days on Friday, January 27, 2023. The new version of GoldenEye 007 features a number of upgrades, including native 16:9 resolution up to 4K Ultra HD. Those who own a digital copy of Rare Replay can download the game for free.

From an Xbox Wire post:

The version of GoldenEye 007 set to appear on Xbox Game Pass is the classic game that made waves in 1997, based on the movie that introduced audiences to a thrilling new era of James Bond. It comes packed with objective-based stealth shooter gameplay and, of course, a legendary local multiplayer mode for split-screen showdowns with friends. It also offers a few key additions for a modern audience, including alternative control options, achievements to unlock and native 16:9 resolution up to 4K Ultra HD (where supported).

GoldenEye 007 will be available on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S as part of Xbox Game Pass. Additionally, players who own a digital copy of Rare Replay, the 30-game compilation of Rare games made to celebrate the studio’s 30th anniversary, will be able to download and enjoy the game free of charge. Watch for it breaking cover on January 27!

Nintendo has confirmed that GoldenEye 007 will also be available for Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack members beginning January 27.

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