Seagate to Launch 30+ Terabyte HDDs This Year

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Image: Seagate

It’s about to get even easier for data hoarders to maintain their growing collections in confined builds. Speaking during Seagate’s Q2 2023 earnings call this week, Dave Mosley, Seagate CEO, confirmed that the company would be launching 30+ terabyte hard drives this year, a capacity that only the most exclusive and expensive SSDs can exceed or match. This level of capacity is made possible by Heat Assisted Magnetic Recording (HAMR), a technology utilized by Seagate that leverages the heat from a laser. A slide that Seagate previously shared also suggests that 50+ TB HDDs will be available from the company by 2026.

From a Seagate earnings call transcript:

[…] I’m most excited by the advances we made on our HAMR technology. It was nearly four years ago to the day that I first shared our lab results demonstrating 3 terabyte per disk capacities. And today, we have demonstrated capacities of 5 terabytes per disk in our recording physics labs.

In the current market environment, we’ve been taking advantage of our reduced factory utilization to accelerate cycles of learning around HAMR productization. We are meeting or exceeding all product development milestones and reliability metrics, and we will be shipping prequalification units to key cloud customers in the coming weeks. As a result of this progress, we now expect to launch our 30-plus terabyte platform in the June
quarter, slightly ahead of schedule.

Image: Seagate

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