Cyberpunk 2077 Adds NVIDIA DLSS 3 and NVIDIA Reflex

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NVIDIA users have at least one big reason to jump back into Cyberpunk 2077 today. CD PROJEKT RED has announced the availability of a new update that adds NVIDIA DLSS 3 and NVIDIA Reflex to its open-world RPG, enabling those with the compatible hardware to experience the game with even greater performance and other benefits. According to an article from NVIDIA, 4K performance is boosted by up to 3.3X on GeForce RTX 4090 GPUs, alongside improvements to DLSS Super Resolution, NVIDIA DLAA, and DLSS Frame Generation.

From an NVIDIA GeForce post:

With DLSS 3, GeForce RTX 40 series gamers can enjoy Cyberpunk 2077 with every setting and ray-traced option maxed out for the best image quality, without compromising performance.

When DLSS 3 is enabled, 4K performance with a GeForce RTX 4090 will be boosted by 3.3X to 138 FPS, and with a GeForce RTX 4080 increased by 3.8X to 102 FPS. With a GeForce RTX 4070 Ti at 1440p, DLSS 3 increases performance by 2.8X and delivers 136 FPS.

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