Intel Drops Price of Arc A750 GPU to $249, Launches New Arc GPU Driver with Major Performance Improvements

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Image: Intel

Intel has begun making some of its Arc GPUs even cheaper. According to a slide deck that the company shared today, users can now find Arc A750 graphics cards starting at just $249, a $40 discount over their original launch price of $289. The new pricing is complemented by the release of a new driver package (“4086,” although the latest appears to be 4091) that delivers substantial performance improvements versus the original launch drivers, according to Intel’s own benchmarks. Intel says that its Arc A750 GPUs now offer a 52% better gaming value than NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX 3060 ($329).

A breakdown of the driver improvements, per Wccftech:

  • 1080p Avg FPS: Up to 77% improvement
  • 1080p 99th Percentile Normalized: Up to 114% improvement
  • 1440p Avg FPS: Up to 87% improvement
  • 1440p 99th Percentile Normalized: Up to 123% improvement
  • Aggregate DX9 FPS improvement: 43%
  • Aggregate DX9 99th Percentile improvement: 60%

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