Neo Forza Announces Trinity DDR5-7200 32GB Memory Kit and Shows It Being Overclocked to DDR5-8000

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Image: Neo Forza

Neo Forza has announced its Trinity 7200MHz 32 GB kit and included testing results showing it being overclocked to DDR5-8000. The latest kit is part of Neo Forza’s Trinity JetBlack non-RGB series of DDR5 memory and supports both XMP 3.0 and AMD EXPO (at a lower clock of DDR5-6400). At stock, the DDR5-7200 kit reached read/write speeds up to 109,000/94,000 MB/s in AIDA64 which was increased by ~11-16% to 125,480/109,710 MB/s after being overclocked to DDR5-8000 with a reduced latency of around ~17% to 52.8 ms.

From Neo Forza:

Neo Forza’s commercially available TRINITY DDR5-7200 32GB Kit overclocking memory equipped with SK Hynix A-Die chips did not disappoint. It has a very powerful overclocking performance. The extreme performance brought by DDR5-7200 is simply by enabling XMP, whilst on AMD platform can enable EXPO parameters, but only if it supports DDR5-6400.

In the AIDA64 test, the XMP DDR5-7200 parameter reading reached 109000MB/ s and write up to 94000MB/s, the profile achieves high bandwidth and low latency performance, so that consumers who do not (know how to) overclock can easily obtain extreme performance.

And for overclocking, the TRINITY 7200 was increased to DDR5-8000! After overclocking, the bandwidth increase (from 7200 to 8000) was 11~16%, and the latency was reduced by about 17% to 52.8ns. That said, DDR5 extreme-overclocking is challenging; clearly for enthusiasts and overclockers.

Looking for a set of DDR5 memory with high frequency and high performance and excellent overclocking performance? TRINITY DDR5-7200 32GB Kit overclocking memory is a good new choice!”

Testing of Neo Forza’s DDR5-7200 kit was done by XFastest who also provided the image used by Neo Forza for its announcement. An Intel Core i9 13900K processor was paired with an ASUS ROG Maximus Z790 Hero motherboard and memory was used in a Quad-channel configuration. The only reported additional cooling was a Raijintek liquid CPU cooler and the test platform was powered by an XFX XTR 750W PSU.

Image: XFastest

Timing Specs as reported in CPU-Z by XFastest

  • DDR5-7200 XMP 3.0: 34-46-46-86
  • DDR5-6400 EXPO: 40-40-40-77
  • DDR5-8000 XMP 3.0: 36-46-46-66

Pricing and availability have not been announced by Neo Forza.

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