Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty PC Specifications Revealed Ahead of March Release

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Koei Tecmo Games has shared the PC specifications for Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, a new action RPG from Team NINJA (Ninja Gaiden, Nioh series) that challenges players to overcome demons, monsters, and other enemies as a nameless militia soldier during a dark fantasy version of the Han dynasty and Three Kingdoms period. According to an updated FAQ that can be found on the official site, the PC version of the game will gain NVIDIA DLSS and Intel XeSS support as part of a post-launch update, and frame rates of up to 120 FPS are supported. Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty will be released for PC, Xbox, and PlayStation consoles, including Game Pass, on March 3, 2023.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty PC System Requirements (Steam, Microsoft Store)

OSWindows 10, 64bit
Windows 11, 64bit
Windows 10, 64bit
Windows 11, 64bit
Processor (Intel)Intel Core i5-8400 or overIntel Core i7-8700 or over
Processor (AMD)AMD Ryzen 5 3400G or overAMD Ryzen 5 3600XT or over
Graphics (NVIDIA®)GeForce GTX 1650(VRAM 4GB)or overGeForce RTX 2060(VRAM 6GB)or over
Graphics (AMD)Radeon RX 570(VRAM 4GB)or overRadeon RX 5700 XT(VRAM 8GB)or over
Storage60GB available space60GB available space
Sound Card16 bit stereo, 48kHz WAVE file can be played16 bit stereo, 48kHz WAVE file can be played
DirectXDirectX 12DirectX 12
Additional NotesBased on an HDD, 720p, 30 fps environment, and Graphics Settings set to “Best Performance.”Based on an HDD, 1080p, 60 fps environment, and Graphcs Settings set to “Standard.”

From a Steam game description:

  • Demons in the Kingdom: A dark fantasy set during the chaotic Three Kingdoms period, the narrative vividly tells the tale of a militia soldier’s strenuous fight for survival during a Later Han Dynasty infested with demons. It’s madness in the Three Kingdoms like never before!
  • Awaken the Power Within: Defeat deadly enemies to boost morale and awaken the power from within! Overcome adversity through unique new strategies, including battle styles based on the “Five Phases”.
  • Live by the Sword: Renowned for ruthless strikes that can change the tide of battle in an instant, sword practitioners of the Chinese martial arts gracefully change pace as they shift between offensive and defensive maneuvers. Overwhelm opponents with a flurry of force in a series of intense and bloody battles while learning the precision and skill necessary to become a true master of the sword.

Various Play Styles with Weapons and Wizardry Spells

  • Weapons: Choose from a wide variety of weapons, from glaives to dual swords, to discover which fits your fighting style.
  • Wizardry Spells: This secret art draws upon the power of the Five Phases, which allow for attacks using such elements as flames and ice. Upon achieving higher Morale Ranks, you can gain the ability to utilize even more powerful Wizardry Spells.
  • Divine Beasts: Divine Beasts like Zhuque and Baihu are brought forth through alliances with other warriors. By calling upon these Divine Beasts, you are able to perform feats of great power.

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