Horizon Call of the Mountain (PS VR2) Praised as Virtual Reality’s Mario 64 Moment

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Image: Guerrilla Games/Firesprite

The PlayStation VR2 is launching next week on February 22, and there appears to be at least one good reason to be an early adopter of Sony’s next-gen headset despite its premium price ($549.99). Horizon Call of the Mountain received its first reviews today, and they are very positive, with some going so far as to compare Guerrilla Games and Firesprite’s PS VR2 launch title to Super Mario 64, teasing the same evolutionary leap that gamers saw back in the ’90s with Nintendo’s SNES successor. The game currently has a 79 Metascore on Metacritic, making it the fifth best PS5 game of 2023 thus far.

From an Inverse review (9/10):

We’re still in the fairly early days of VR, and it’s hard to know how well Call of the Mountain is going to age as the technology continues to mature. Will it go down in history as a Mario 64, a Night Trap, or somewhere in between? In any case, at this moment, it’s nothing short of remarkable and will make a believer out of even the most stubborn skeptics. It’s a spectacular achievement that must be experienced to be appreciated.

From a Eurogamer video review:

The generational leap here, if you were going from a Quest to this, the visuals would look great, but you’re kind of used to the tracking stuff, but going from PlayStation VR1 to PlayStation VR2, it kind of feels like that moment that you first played Mario 64 after playing 2D Marios.

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