Audiophiles Are Selling $500 SATA Cables That Claim to Offer Better Sound

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Audiophiles have been criticized as being a weird bunch that spend immense amounts of money for exotic equipment that may present little to no differences under blind testing, but that isn’t stopping some from profiting off of the extremes of the hobby. Over on eBay, some have begun selling $500 “Superstar” SATA cables that claim to be the best Hi-Fi options ever built for computer listening, featuring a crystal formula that’s complemented by other novelties that include wood and black quartz crystals and a 25-mm thickness. According to the installation instructions, improved sound can be achieved simply by plugging one end into the SATA port of a motherboard.

From an eBay listing:

The best SATA cable we have built. 0.5m long with standard SATA 3.0 connectors. Internally it has our classic Superstar Crystal Formula which is optimized for source components, so it’s perfect for the computer. The ends are built from wood and black quartz crystals for extra strength. The tubing is 25mm thick and contains twice the Crystal Formula over the 20mm version.

Simply plug it into a SATA port of the motherboard. The other end doesn’t need to be connected, but if you connect it to your harddrive you will get double the effect.


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