Cooler Master Announces Caliber E1, R3, and X2 Gaming Chairs

Image: Cooler Master

Cooler Master has announced the Caliber E1, Caliber R3, and Caliber X2, a trio of new gaming chairs from the high-performance component and peripherals brand with a focus on upgrades that deliver great value. At the top is the X2, a premium option that counts 4D armrests and 75-mm silent casters as some of its highlighted features, followed by the Caliber R3 and Caliber E1, the latter being a value-focused gaming chair that, while featuring a lower entry price, still delivers a high level of comfort, according to Cooler Master. All of these chairs are now available for sale on Amazon, according to a press release.

“At Cooler Master, we believe in delivering the best gaming experiences, and that starts with comfort. Our gaming chairs are designed to provide players with maximum support, adjustability, and style, so they can stay focused and perform at their best for hours on end,” says Jimmy Sha, Cooler Master CEO. “We’re proud to be at the forefront of innovation in the gaming chair industry, and we’re committed to providing our customers with the ultimate gaming setup.”

Cooler Master Caliber X2 Gaming Chair Spec Sheet

Cooler Master Caliber R3 Gaming Chair Spec Sheet

Cooler Master Caliber E1 Gaming Chair Spec Sheet

From a Cooler Master press release:

The Caliber X2 is Cooler Master’s premium gaming chair, offering a range of high-end features and upgraded comfort. It features a larger size than previous models, with a 1.5cm thicker seat base, and ultra-soft memory foam that dynamically contours to your body. The chair also has 4D armrests, providing lift, swing, forward and sideways panning, and the ability to glide effortlessly on any floor with the premium 75mm silent casters. The Caliber X2’s premium construction uses unibody cold molded foam and a steel frame structural design for superior shape retention and long-lasting comfort. Additionally, the chair is equipped with adjustable headrest and lumbar support for an improved ergonomic fit for all users. Get more information at

The Caliber R3 builds on the legacy of the R2. It features upgraded headrest and lumbar support, ultra-soft memory foam that dynamically contours to your body, and a 1.5cm thicker seat base than the previous model. The Caliber R3 also uses a class-leading steel frame structural design for years of use and is equipped with upgraded 2D armrests and height adjustable gas lift. The chair is designed for upgraded comfort and style, using premium materials and an ergonomic design that is perfect for long hours of work or gaming. Get more information at

Caliber E1 is Cooler Master’s value-focused gaming chair, offering many ergonomic features at a lower entry price. The chair features breathable PU material for maximum comfort for all body types, and an ergonomic design with a reclining backrest and height adjustable gas lift. Despite its lower price point, the Caliber E1 still offers a high level of comfort, with the breathable PU material ensuring you feel cool and energized at all times. Get more information at

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