Low-Profile, Twin-Fan CPU Cooler Can Cool Up to 265 Watts


A Chinese manufacturer going by the name JIUSHARK has launched the JF13K DIAMOND, a new dual-fan CPU cooler that features a low-profile design. If advertising and promotional materials spotted by IT House are to be believed, the cooler is capable of cooling up to 265 watts, a level of performance that would put it in line with water-cooling solutions. Featuring seven heat pipes and two 15-mm fans, the JF13K DIAMOND is available for purchase from China’s JD.com for 269 yuan, which translates to around 38 USD.

From an IT House report:

According to reports, the size of this radiator is 24112192mm, and it supports Intel and AMD platforms.

In terms of design, the official said that this radiator adopts the unique dual-fan down-pressure design on the market, which can compress 265W TDP, and the heat dissipation performance is comparable to water cooling.

This radiator has 7 built-in heat pipes and is equipped with two 15mm thick fans. Official measured pressure i9-11900K 217W power consumption, CPU temperature is 85 degrees Celsius.

In terms of compatibility, the official said that this radiator can ensure the compatibility of memory and I/O panels, and at the same time reduce the motherboard MOS and memory temperature by 10-20 degrees Celsius.


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