Microsoft Expands AI-Powered Bing to Windows 11 Taskbar

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Microsoft users who are wary about experimenting with the company’s new AI products may soon find them impossible to avoid. Following the launch of the new AI-powered Bing into preview and the expansion of the new Bing to the Bing and Edge mobile apps, as well as Skype, Microsoft is now introducing a big Windows 11 update that adds the new AI-powered Bing to the OS’s taskbar, an addition that Panos Panay, Microsoft’s Chief Product Officer, says will reinvent and improve the way people get things done on their PCs. The update also introduces a handful of other new features, including full-screen widgets and the ability to link iPhones to Windows 11 PCs with a new preview of Phone Link for iOS.

From a Windows Experience Blog post:

Today, we take the next major step forward adding to the incredible breadth and ease of use of the Windows PC by implementing a typable Windows search box and the amazing capability of the new AI-powered Bing directly into the taskbar. Putting all your search needs for Windows in one easy to find location.

The search box is one of the most widely used features on Windows, with over half a billion users every month, and now with the typable Windows search box and the new AI-powered Bing front and center to this experience you will be empowered to find the answers you’re looking for, faster than ever before.

Soon hundreds of millions of Windows 11 users can get access to this incredible new technology to search, chat, answer questions and generate content from right on their Windows taskbar.

If you’re in the Bing preview, all you’ll need to do is install today’s Windows 11 update to access the new search box. To join the new Bing preview sign up on the waitlist.

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