MSI Announces VIGOR GK71 SONIC Gaming Keyboard with MSI SONIC BLUE Switches

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MSI has announced a new version of its award-winning VIGOR GK71 SONIC gaming keyboard that comes with blue rather than red switches. Dubbed SONIC BLUE, these new clicky switches have been described by MSI as being one of the world’s light mechanical switches, allowing users to dominate the competition with faster reaction times and light key presses. Other highlights of the VIGOR GK71 SONIC include built-in MSI ClearCaps for vivid per-key RGB, a dual touch volume knob, dedicated media keys, and a premium memory foam cushion wrist rest for what MSI says is superior comfort. It is immediately available for purchase in most MSI regions, according to a press release.


  • Built with MSI Sonic Blue 45g lightweight mechanical switches
  • MSI ClearCaps for vivid RGB illumination
  • Premium memory foam wrist rest
  • Innovative smart dual touch volume knob
  • Dedicated media keys control
  • X-shaped cable routing
  • Hybrid 6+N key rollover
  • 3 onboard profiles

From an MSI press release:

Powered by MSI Sonic Blue Switches with Vivid RGB Lighting

The VIGOR GK71 SONIC now offers a variety of switch types; the MSI Sonic Blue and MSI Sonic Red. Both are designed in collaboration with the prominent switch maker, Kailh, and has inherited the concept of a lightweight yet responsive keystroke. The switches are designed to provide smooth, seamless, and instantaneous responses with a 45gf operating force and a clicky feel for each keystroke. This minimizes finger fatigue and enhances comfort & ergonomics during gaming sessions. The keyboard is equipped with MSI ClearCaps, which feature a unique transparent dual-layer design that allows light through the keycaps to enhance lighting for vivid and stunning per-key backlit RGB illumination. The lighting effects can be adjusted by onboard presets or by MSI Mystic Light software.

Solid Aluminum Frame and Premium Wrist Rest

The VIGOR GK71 SONIC features a Hybrid 6+N key rollover and 100% anti-ghosting. The keyboard automatically detects the currently pressed number of keys and switches between 6 key or N key rollover. The top of the keyboard is constructed with aircraft-grade durable aluminum alloy for durability and reliability. The bottom of the keyboard comes with an X-shaped cable routing system, which prevents your peripheral cables from stretching and pulling. The VIGOR GK71 SONIC has an included soft-touch memory foam wrist rest for a more relaxing experience. Users can also control media playback with the smart dual touch volume wheel from either the top or the side of the knob. There are also dedicated media keys if physical buttons are preferred. A full range of customization is possible for the keyboard including, settings, RGB effects, macro keys, and the ability to store up to 3 profiles through MSI Center thanks to its onboard memory.

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