New Resident Evil 4 Remake Features Showcased: Stealth, New Weapons, and More

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Resident Evil 4 is poised to blow away the original in terms of visuals, but the game may play a lot better, too. IGN has shared a report that details eight new exciting features that players can expect to find in the survival horror remake when it launches later this month, including some major ones that include new weapons, boss fights, and the ability to crouch, opening up the option for stealth in order to conserve ammo. Other additions include parrying with the knife, and while that’s something that Capcom had previously teased, it appears that the skill can lead into new, brutal finishing attacks.

From an IGN report:


In the original Resident Evil 4, Leon would use the knife as a last resort; in the Remake, Leon is able to parry attacks, making the knife not only a viable weapon but a necessary one, especially if you’re running low on health.

New Finishing Moves

Similar to the parrying skill, you can also use knives as finishing attacks when enemies are on the ground. In one particularly striking scene from the footage we previewed, Leon was able to approach an enemy on the ground and slit their throat.

New Weapons

Fans may have already spotted this in some of the new trailers, but Resident Evil 4 Remake will feature at least one new weapon: the Bolt Thrower. These are explosive mines attached to silent bolts that can not only take care of tough enemies from afar but they’re delivered in a silent way, making them almost like a stealth weapon (at least until they explode).


The developers confirmed in our interview that Leon will be able to use stealth to get past enemies in the Remake. Not only can Leon crouch, but if you’re careful enough, you can get past enemies by silently dispatching them with the knife, or create distractions from a distance using the bolt thrower.

Different Boss Fights

Our preview ended with a glimpse of the fight against Leon’s old teammate Jack Krauser. While the fight was originally a QTE event in the original game, the boss fight is now fully playable with Leon using his improved knife to go toe-to-toe with Krauser.

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