Bella Ramsey: HBO’s The Last of Us Finale Will “Divide People Massively”

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Naughty Dog already drew an incredibly polarized response when it released The Last of Us Part II, delivering shocking story beats that included killing off a fan-favorite character, but it seems that more controversy is headed to the franchise. Speaking to Vogue during her time at Paris Fashion Week, Bella Ramsey, who stars as Ellie in HBO’s adaptation of The Last of Us, mentioned that the season finale of the show will “divide people massively,” an implication that not everyone is going to like what they see when the ninth and final episode drops on Sunday, March 12. The Last of Us has already been renewed for a second season, but if the PlayStation sequel is any indication, Pedro Pascal may have to shoot a lot less scenes for the next one.

From a Vogue feature:

Ramsey spent almost the entirety of a year-long shoot in Alberta wearing the same outfit: a long-sleeved T-shirt “to cover Ellie’s bite mark”, a pair of Eddie Bauer jeans, and some red Converse. “It got to the point where coming onto set in my own clothes just felt wrong; I even bought my own pair of Eddie Bauer jeans so I could keep wearing them after we wrapped filming.”

If the wardrobe demands of The Last of Us were minimal, the psychological intensity of the shoot would have tested actors several times Ramsey’s age. The penultimate episode, in particular, is brutally violent. “It was… exhausting,” she reflects, “but those were some of my favourite days on set. That sounds really masochistic, but it’s the scenes that break me that I love the most, in a way.” As for what she thinks people will make of the series finale in March? “It’s going to divide people massively – massively.” Let the Twitter games begin.

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