GUILTY GEAR -STRIVE- Is Coming to Game Pass Next Week

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Xbox hasn’t confirmed its full list of March additions for Game Pass yet, but it looks to be a pretty good month for fighting game fans. According to an update on the Game Pass app for PC, GUILTY GEAR -STRIVE-, the latest installment of Arc System Works’ anime-heavy fighting franchise, will be available to play via Game Pass beginning March 6, 2023. Its release on Game Pass was originally teased back in September 15, 2022, when the official GUILTY GEAR account confirmed that the new fighter would be coming to Microsoft’s game subscription service. The sixth installment in the GUILTY GEAR series, GUILTY GEAR -STRIVE- features the same anime-style visuals as the majority of its predecessors but introduces some big, fundamental gameplay changes, including the removal of the Gatling Combo system that enabled players to easily create combos just by tapping different buttons in a row.

From a Game Pass description:

Amazing graphics and animations! New revolution in fighting games!

[Game Contents]
“Guilty Gear -Strive-“ is the latest entry in the critically acclaimed Guilty Gear fighting game franchise. Created by Daisuke Ishiwatari and developed by Arc System Works, “Guilty Gear -Strive-“ upholds the series’ reputation for groundbreaking hybrid 2D/3D cell-shaded graphics and intense, rewarding gameplay.

There is a fully voiced story mode diving deep into the Guilty Gear universe, new characters joining fan favorites, and robust rollback net code.

Amazing Graphics and Animations
The cutting-edge 2D/3D hybrid graphics pioneered in the Guilty Gear series have been raised to the next level in “Guilty Gear -Strive-“. The new artistic direction and improve character animations will go beyond anything you’ve seen before in a fighting game!

New Revolution in Fighting Games!
Guilty Gear -Strive- brings a number of new and innovative game play mechanics designed to allow players new to the series to quickly learn the fundamentals while maintaining the deep, creative gameplay Guilty Gear is praised for. New additions to the series such as a wall-breaking mechanic will allow for new and exciting approaches to battle.

The fate of the universe will be determined…
The story of Guilty Gear, spanning over 20 years, will finally come to a conclusion in “Guilty Gear -Strive-“. The trials and tribulations of the series’ heroes and villains will finally be resolved. Discover the astonishing truth awaiting at the end of all things.

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