Intel Offers Alternative to NVIDIA RTX Video Super Resolution

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NVIDIA launched support for RTX Video Super Resolution this week, a new feature that enables GeForce RTX 30 and RTX 40 Series users to leverage the AI and RTX Tensor Cores in their GPUs to improve the quality of video watched in Chrome or Edge, removing blocky compression artifacts and upscaling video resolution. According to various reports online (1, 2, 3), Intel users may be able to find an alternative in the form of Intel VSR, which, while not officially announced, can seemingly be tested with select Intel CPUs/iGPUs by adding a flag to the Chrome browser. Intel’s solution appears to function just as well as NVIDIA RTX Video Super Resolution, improving the quality of anime and other content, per screenshot comparisons shared by users.

From a Quasar Zone post:

After installing the Intel graphics driver and the latest version of Chrome, reboot.

Chrome ‘Properties’ -> ‘Target’ -> After Execution Directory
Paste –enable-features=IntelVpSuperResolution -> Rerun chrome

It is the same AI upscaling function as the recent GeForce RTX Video Super Resolution function. A while ago, it became available for Intel CPU built-in graphics. Especially in Twitch 720P video, it becomes clearer.

Because it is a GPU AI upscale, if you play a game while playing an upscaled video on GeForce, the frame rate is affected. If you have an Intel built-in, you can use the built-in graphics as an upscaler.

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