NVIDIA GeForce Hotfix Driver Version 531.26 Released with Fix for CPU Usage Bug


NVIDIA users can now update to the new GeForce Game Ready 531.18 WHQL driver without worrying about the possibility of constant, high CPU usage during idle. As noted in a new support document that NVIDIA published today, green team has released a new hotfix display driver that addresses higher CPU usage after exiting a game, a problem that has been referenced by many users who opened up their Task Managers and found the NVIDIA Container process consistently using 10% or more of their CPU for no real reason. The hotfix also includes a fix that stops random bugchecks on certain notebooks with GeForce GTX 10/MX250/350 GPUs.

From an NVIDIA support document:

GeForce hotfix display driver version 531.26 is based on our latest Game Ready Driver 531.18.

This hotfix addresses the following issues:

  • Higher CPU usage from NVIDIA Container might be observed after exiting a game [4007208]
  • [Notebook] Random bugcheck may be observed on certain laptops with GeForce GTX 10/MX250/350 series GPUs [4008527]

Click here to download the GeForce hotfix display driver for Windows 10 x64/ Windows 11 x64

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