Major Streets of Rage 4 Update Adds 300+ Improvements to Dotemu’s 2020 Beat ’em Up

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Streets of Rage 4 may be a couple of years old now, but the developers at Dotemu clearly haven’t forgotten about its award-winning revival of the iconic beat ’em up series, which Sega originally launched in the early ’90s for its classic Genesis and Mega Drive consoles. Dotemu announced today that a new, free update for Streets of Rage 4 is now available for those who own the game on PC (Steam, GOG, Windows Store), PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One, and it’s a major one, introducing new features that include new co-op moves, a brand-new custom survival mode for the Mr. X Nightmare DLC, and, perhaps most excitingly, over 300+ in-game improvements. Featuring a cast of eight playable characters that include franchise staples Axel Stone and Blaze Fielding, Streets of Rage 4 is currently available on Steam at a 50% discount for $12.49.

From a Dotemu post:

Take a look at the update, showcasing a suite of eye-popping co-operative moves that empower players to take their combo-driving teamwork to the next level while dishing out some serious hurt to the city’s seediest criminals. It also gives an overview for the all-new Custom Survival Mode of Mr. X Nightmare DLC.

Streets of Rage 4’s perfectly reimagined sidescrolling action was further enhanced through 2021’s acclaimed Mr. X Nightmare, a hefty offering of DLC which earned praise as a stellar example of DLC done right, standing as one of the all-around best reviewed releases of the year on all platforms despite its arrival as add-on content.

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