Resident Evil 4 Is #1 Best PC Game of 2023 in Metacritic Rankings

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Resident Evil 4 won’t be out until next week, but it appears that Resident Evil fans will have a pretty good time with the game. The first reviews for Capcom’s latest survival horror remake began rolling out today, and the majority of them appear to be quite positive, with some critics describing it as one of the best and satisfying remakes ever, featuring superior visuals, gameplay mechanics, and more. And while some of the tougher critics have claimed that the remake can’t hold a candle to the original, which remains one of the greatest games ever made, that hasn’t stopped Resident Evil 4 from being ranked the #1 best PC game of 2023 so far on Metacritic, where the game currently sits with a 92 Metascore. Resident Evil fans who want to get in some shooting practice with Leon ahead of the game’s release on Friday, March 24, can grab the Resident Evil 4 Chainsaw Demo, a free trial that offers what Capcom has described as a thrilling slice of the game.

From a Metacritic review roundup:

NME (100): Resident Evil 4 is as good a remake as you could hope for, one that clearly understands what made the original great, makes considered alterations where it deems necessary, improves the parts of the game that didn’t work so well, and of course, makes the whole experience easier on the eye. It may not be as necessary a tune-up as Resident Evil 2, but it’s nonetheless a fantastic excuse to revisit one of the best games ever made.

Giant Bomb (100): I don’t know what more you could ask for in this stunning remake of Resident Evil 4. It’s obvious to say that a great remake should satisfy both returning fans and total newcomers, but this goes so far beyond that. The original game is one of my favorites of all time and now the only reason I’d recommend anyone play it is purely for historical value. And if you’re a complete newcomer to the series, this is bar none one of the most thrilling games ever. It shines as the ultimate Resident Evil experience and the greatest remake of all time. (90): No doubt: Resident Evil 4 Remake is simply an excellent horror action game and Capcom proves, for the umpteenth time, its ability to produce a controlled adventure with an exemplary finish. The basics of the original game couldn’t be more solid, but the firm has been able to modernize the whole thing to make the adventure more intense, deeper in its game systems and even more thrilling. Was a remake necessary? Maybe not, but impossible to spit on this impressive version, which knows how to honor the original material as well as to bring it a rejuvenation that is ultimately very relevant. Finally, if we have a mad desire to finish Resident Evil 4 as soon as possible, it is to start it again immediately.

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