Samsung Rolls Out New QD-OLED 4K TVs with Improved Color and Brightness, Starting at $1,899

Image: Samsung

The competition between Samsung’s QD-OLED TVs and LG’s OLED TVs appears to be heating up. Samsung Electronics America today announced the expansion of its OLED 4K TV line with two new series, the S95C and S90C, and the latter happens to start at $1,899, a price that matches the 55-inch C3, one of LG’s key OLED offerings for the year. According to a press release from Samsung, these new QD-OLED TVs are capable of delivering up to a 30% brighter picture, with more vibrant colors and contrast thanks to the company’s Neural Quantum processor technology. Both series begin rolling out at retailers nationwide today and are available in 55-, 65-, and 77-inch screen sizes.

From a Samsung press release:

The 2023 Samsung OLED 4K TV portfolio is more dynamic than ever with vibrant colors boosted the AI powered Neural Quantum processor. The lineup delivers content in dramatic detail with the deepest blacks, a billion shades of lifelike color – including vivid color palettes validated by Pantone, the industry-leading color experts – along with 8.3 million self-illuminating pixels that create a truly stunning picture.

With powerful processing and 4K upscaling, everything displayed on screen is instantly transformed to incredibly sharp 4K resolution to bring out incredible detail no matter what the original source resolution. Exceptional motion enhancements are included in both series to ensure high speed games and movies appear in consistently crisp 4K at blazing-fast speeds up to 120hz and Game Motion Plus goes up to 144hz with compatible PC-connected content. To further captivate viewers with the total sound, both the S95C and S90C have powerful Dolby Atmos sound built in.

Bring the movie experience home: Samsung OLED 4K flagship S95C

The flagship S95C series is offered in 77”, 65” and 55” screen sizes with anti-reflective coating. This series offers Quantum HDR OLED+ that delivers bright whites and pure blacks thanks to the powerful processor that dynamically brings to life every scene for Hollywood content leaps off the screen. Viewers can feel like they’re part of the action with enhanced Dolby Atmos built-in and Object Tracking Sound+ that uses AI to track the on-screen action and follows the movement with pinpoint accuracy.

The S95C series stands out with dramatic visuals, bold sound and convenient connectivity all housed in a strikingly slender Infinity One Design boasting modern lines at just 4mm thin. It’s virtually bezel-free and offers a choice of a near flush-fit wall mount or a streamlined blade stand. The attachable Slim One Connect solution neatly tucks away cords and cables so viewers can focus on what’s on the screen, rather than around it.

  • 77S95C: MSRP $4,499
  • 65S95C: MSRP $3,299
  • 55S95C: MSRP $2,499

Prepare to be captivated with the Samsung OLED 4K S90C

The Samsung S90C brings the benefits of OLED at a lower price point in 77”, 65,” and 55” screen sizes with anti-reflective coating. With fine-tuned brightness and optimized contrast made possible by self-illuminating pixels, picture quality is instantly enhanced as Quantum HDR OLED uses AI deep learning to analyze each scene, detecting areas that should be brighter and areas that should be darker ensuring rich, accurate colors.

Its slender LaserSlim design showcases a virtually bezel-free cinematic experience. Viewers will experience pure blacks, bright whites, and dramatic color and audio that keeps them in the action with Dolby Atmos and Object Tracking Sound Lite that reacts dynamically to deliver realistic, 3D audio.

  • 77S90C: MSRP $3,599
  • 65S90C: coming soon
  • 55S90C: MSRP $1,899

Endless, easy entertainment

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Better together with Samsung audio

For sound that is off the charts, Samsung TVs pair effortlessly with Samsung soundbars. With Q-Symphony, TV speakers paired with Q-Series and S-Series soundbar operate as one for optimized channels that deliver a masterfully orchestrated sound experience.

Everyday sustainability

Samsung OLED 4K TVs help users turn up the volume on sustainability with the innovative SolarCell Remote featuring a solar panel for charging that eliminates the need for disposable batteries, as well as other smart features including a built-in microphone to use with compatible voice assistants.

In addition to more efficient manufacturing, reduced packaging and more recycled materials in its products, Samsung offers energy efficient products to help users save on energy bills without sacrificing performance comfort.

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