Rumor: Intel’s Next-Gen “Battlemage” Arc GPUs Will Feature Double the Core Count, with 64 Xe Cores

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RedGamingTech has shared a video that claims Battlemage, the next generation of Intel Arc GPUs, will feature up to 64 Xe cores. This is a doubling of what can be found in the A770, Intel’s current flagship Arc Alchemist GPU, which is listed with 32 Xe cores on the official Arc 7 Graphics website. According to RedGamingTech’s sources, Battlemage could launch as early as Q2 next year, with improvements that include a “big” uplift in ray tracing performance.

Intel Arc Battlemage Rumors

  • 64 Xe Cores (doubling that of A770)
  • Clock targets 3Ghz+
  • 256Bit Bus, GDDR6(X?)
  • 48MB L2 cache
  • Similar die sizes to AD103
  • TSMC 4nm
  • Launch for gaming variant QI/Q2
  • Melville Sound (BM DC) is 2nd Half, 2024
  • “Big” Improvements in Ray Tracing I ML performance
  • Overhaul to the Xe cores, particularly SIMD instructions

From a RedGamingTech post:

Could Nvidia be IN TROUBLE? Today, we have exclusive info on Intel ARC Battlemage, including the hardware specs, performance and release date. We examine the specifications, alleged performance across both gaming and ray tracing, as well as the launch date for the next gen Intel desktop GPU and other details we have heard about Intel’s GPU roadmap – including Celestial.

While ARC Alchemist A series offered a much needed low range, cheaper graphics card to PC gamers, many are hoping that both Battlemage and Celestial GPUs from Intel are more competitive to AMD’s and Nvidia’s flagship cards. But will Battlemage really offer enough in the specs and raw performance to compete against RTX 40 and RDNA 3? (Not to mention the upcoming RTXX 50 Blackwell and RDNA 4) And what about Celestial? With AMD and Nvidia locked in a duopoly, another competitor in the GPU market is sorely needed.

Image: RedGamingTech

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