CORSAIR Flashes End of Q1 Sale on Its Site

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We just picked up word that Corsair has launched a quiet flash sale on its direct to consumer website. We suspect that they’re trying to buff their end of quarter numbers a bit as it ends on Friday, March 31st 2023. Keep in mind that these are also affiliate links, so we’ll get a commission if you make a purchase from them after clicking a link (don’t worry – it doesn’t cost you more).

Looking through the list, it is chock full of accessories like keyboards, mice, headsets, mousepads and keycaps, but there’s one outlier, which brings us to:

Best Deal of the Flash Sale

The CORSAIR iCUE NEXUS Companion Screen has popped up at $49.99, which is half of its going price (and half of what I paid for one). As I was coming off having a Logitech G15 and its successors, I picked one up so I could still see the time and other things by my keyboard. if you’re on the fence, this should push you over it.

The Rest of the Sale

We’ll recap this pretty quickly in a table with links – these deals are good for US and Canada and center around the flavors of the K70 PRO keyboard.

MouseSABRE RGB PRO – Wired$59.99$29.99
M65 PRO RGB – Wired / Black$59.99$29.99
M65 RGB ULTRA – Wireless / White$129.99$69.99
KATAR ELITE – Wireless$79.99$49.99
KeyboardK70 PRO MINI Wireless – MX Speed / White$179.99$99.99
K70 PRO MINI Wireless – MX Red / White$179.99$99.99
K70 PRO RGB – OPX / Black$179.99$99.99
K70 PRO RGB – OPX / White$179.99$99.99
K70 PRO RGB – MX Blue / Black$169.99$99.99
K70 PRO RGB – MX Brown / Black$169.99$109.99
HeadsetHS65 SURROUND – Wired / White$69.99$39.99
HS75 XB – Wireless$149.99$89.99
AccessoriesPBT Double-Shot Pro Keykap Set – Red$29.99$9.99
PBT Double-Shot Pro Keykap Set – Blue$29.99$9.99
PBT Double-Shot Pro Keykap Set – Mint$29.99$9.99
PBT Double-Shot Pro Keykap Set – Pink$29.99$9.99
PBT Double-Shot Pro Keykap Set – Black$29.99$9.99
iCUE NEXUS Companion Touch Screen$99.99$49.99

Bonus US Only Deals

Throwing down a few more items exclusive to US buyers, take a look at the following:

MouseM65 RGB ELITE – Wired / White$59.99$29.99
KeyboardK70 PRO RGB – MX Red / Black$169.99$99.99
K70 PRO MINI Wireless – MX Red / Black$179.99$109.99
K55 RGB PRO XT$79.99$49.99
HeadsetHS55 STEREO – Wired / White$59.99$29.99
HS80 RGB USB – Wired / White$99.99$59.99
VIRTUOSO – Wireless / White$199.99$129.99
AccessoriesMM300 – Extended Mousemat$29.99$14.99
MM700 RGB – 3XL Mousemat$109.99$69.99

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