Chris Hemsworth Takes Out a Helicopter with a Minigun in First Official Teaser for Extraction 2

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Image: Netflix

How does a man survive taking a bullet to the neck and falling off a bridge? Netflix subscribers can find out with this summer’s release of Extraction 2, a sequel to the streamer’s 2020 blockbuster that saw Chris Hemsworth play a badass operator turned mercenary named Tyler Rake, who, according to a new teaser that was released today, is up for at least one more mission despite what should have been a fatal injury, now tasked with rescuing the family of a Georgian gangster from prison. Directed by Sam Hargrave with a script from Joe Russo, Extraction 2 will begin streaming on Netflix June 16 and feature what appears to be some exciting action scenes, including Rake taking a helicopter on with a minigun.

From a Netflix Tudum article:

It’s been almost three years since Tyler Rake killed a man with a rake. Now the gruff gun for hire is returning for another round of cinematic carnage. That’s right, Chris Hemsworth is back in the long awaited follow-up to Extraction. After barely surviving the events of the first film, Rake is going to have to nurse his wounds on the road, as he battles to get the family of a Georgian gangster out of prison. The new film sees Rake head to colder climes, with plenty of henchmen to fight along the way. Written by The Gray Man co-director Joe Russo, and directed by returning Extraction veteran Sam Hargrave, this is Tyler Rake’s most formidable mission yet. Read on for a briefing on a few of the handsome hired gun’s new enemies and allies, and check out the teaser trailer for Rake’s new mission above.

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