Best Buy Launches Mail-In Recycling Service ($23 or $30 for a Box)

Image: Best Buy

Got some electronics to recycle but too lazy to drive everything to a store? No worries, as Best Buy has expanded its gadget recycling program with a new option that allows customers to mail their used electronics in. There appear to be some caveats, however, such as the price: Best Buy is charging $22.99 for a small box, and $29.99 for a large box. That said, tape, a prepaid UPS shipping label, and instruction sheet are included.

From a Best Buy page:

If you need to recycle electronics, but live far from a Best Buy store or can’t drive to one, we’ve got a great option for you. Simply purchase a recycling box below, fill it up with your electronics, and either take it to your local UPS store or schedule a UPS pickup at your home.

Included in your box: Tape, prepaid UPS shipping label, instruction sheet

The included instruction sheet will have all the info you need to successfully fill up and send your box.

Once your electronics are received, our service partner will destroy any data, and the devices will be sustainably recycled.

Boxes will not be accepted at Best Buy stores. Once purchased, this product is non-returnable.

Best Buy recommends that all customers remove or wipe data from their device before submission. Customers are solely responsible for the removal or wiping of their data at their own discretion prior to shipping the device to be recycled.

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