Jim Keller Teases AMD Zen 5 Performance in Tenstorrent Presentation: 30% Faster Than Zen 4

Image: AMD

During a recent keynote in India covering his company’s latest RISC-V chips for AI models, Tenstorrent CEO Jim Keller pulled up a slide that compares the performance of AMD’s Zen 5 architecture against a range of competitors, and it appears to blow pretty much all of them out of the water. As spotted by PC Gamer, the numbers suggest that Zen 5 will be 30% faster than Zen 4, with relative operating frequencies alluding to IPC gains of around 23%. Roadmaps shared by AMD have indicated that the Zen 5 architecture, which will debut in products that include the Ryzen 8000 Series of desktop processors, is due by 2024.

From a PC Gamer report:

According the the Tenstorrent numbers, Zen 5 is fully 30% faster than Zen 4. Handily, Keller also provides relative operating frequencies. Zen 5 is shown as clocking slightly higher than Zen 4. Adjusted for clockspeeds, Zen 5 is delivering around 23% more performance per clock, otherwise known as IPC.

Looking at the previous AMD Zen architectures in the chart, the numbers very much align with how AMD’s Ryzen CPUs scaled with each generation, including gaming performance. Zen 1 to Zen 2 was very little progress, followed by a big leap to Zen 3. Zen 4, in turn, was only a minor improvement over Zen 3. And then, boom, another big jump for Zen 5.

Image: Tenstorrent

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