NVIDIA GeForce RTX 50 Series “Blackwell” Rumors Claim 2.6x Performance Improvement Over Ada Lovelace: “Crazy Fast”


Is it time for NVIDIA users to start saving for a GeForce RTX 5090 already? According to sources with RedGamingTech, the GeForce RTX 50 Series, which is said to leverage NVIDIA’s new “Blackwell” architecture, will offer anywhere from 2x to 2.6x better performance than the current generation of Ada Lovelace graphics cards. Leaker @kopite7kimi has additionally reported that NVIDIA’s Blackwell GPUs won’t be manufactured on TSMC’s 3-nanometer process, as other recent rumors have suggested, but if the rest of the specifications prove to be true, GeForce RTX 50 Series users can expect GDDR7 memory, PCIe Gen 5.0, and, expectedly, even better ray tracing performance, including a GB120 GPU that clocks at over 3 GHz.

From a RedGamingTech post:

In another EXCLUSIVE, we discuss Nvidia Blackwell, AKA RTX 50. We examine our exclusive info, which includes RTX 50 hardware specs and performance targets. This includes info on whether they will go with a monolithic design for the RTX 50 Blackwell architecture, SM units, and of course the all important question – how well it allegedly will compete with RDNA 4, which is also alleged to be a MONSTER. We discuss Nvidia Blackwell’s specifications, clock speeds, architecture details and of course – the all-important gaming and ray tracing performance increases and general performance targets.

But what about MSRP pricing? A big criticism levelled at RTX 40 (and RDNA 3) was that they were both too expensive at the MSRP price level. But will RTX 50 be more affordable? And will it offer enough value in the price vs performance battle to defeat AMD’s RDNA 4 / RX 8000 GPUs?

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