NVIDIA RTX Remix Runtime Goes Open Source: “Create Stunning RTX Remasters of Classic Games”

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The NVIDIA RTX Remix runtime is now open source, NVIDIA has announced. RTX Remix is described as a revolutionary modding platform for remastering classic DirectX 8 and 9 games with path tracing, NVIDIA DLSS, AI-enhanced textures, and user-created assets, and it apparently works well, having been the tool used to help deliver Portal with RTX, an update to the Valve classic that features full ray tracing with additional light bounces. The RTX Remix runtime source code can be found on GitHub, and bugs can be reported here.

From an NVIDIA GeForce post:

RTX Remix, part of the NVIDIA Studio suite of apps, is composed of two core components that work together to enable modders to remaster classic PC games: the RTX Remix creator toolkit, and a custom RTX Remix runtime.

The RTX Remix creator toolkit, built on NVIDIA Omniverse and used to develop Portal with RTX, allows modders to assign new assets and lights within their remastered scene, and use AI tools to rebuild the look of any asset. The RTX Remix creator toolkit Early Access is coming soon.

The RTX Remix runtime captures a game scene, and replaces assets at playback while injecting RTX technology, such as path tracing, DLSS 3 and Reflex into the game. Already, mod developers have been using the RTX Remix runtime from Portal With RTX to create experimental ray traced scenes in numerous classic games.

To further empower the mod development community to extend Remix’s game compatibility and feature set, NVIDIA is releasing the RTX Remix runtime as open source on GitHub today.

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