Ghostwire: Tokyo Adds Denuvo DRM Nearly a Year After Release

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Ghostwire: Tokyo players have discovered that the first-person action game from Tango Gameworks now features Denuvo Anti-Tamper. The DRM’s inclusion has seemingly been confirmed by an update to Ghostwire: Tokyo’s executable, which now features a much larger file size, as documented on SteamDB, and while Bethesda hasn’t referenced Denuvo anywhere, many players have called the DRM’s addition surprising and pointless, being that the game came out nearly a year ago, on March 25, 2022, for PC and PS5. Denuvo is typically implemented by developers to counter piracy during a game’s release, but it’s unclear why Bethesda decided to add DRM to Ghostwire: Tokyo so late. In any case, The Spider’s Thread, a new game mode for Ghostwire: Tokyo that features more side missions, new enemies, and more, is available now as part of the game’s debut on Xbox Series X|S consoles, as well as Game Pass.

From a post:

The city’s denizens have been replaced by beings from another world – yōkai, evil spirits, myths and urban legends brought to life. But now isn’t the time to fear the unknown…face it in Ghostwire: Tokyo, now featuring the all-new Spider’s Thread update!

The Spider’s Thread update, available now for all Ghostwire: Tokyo players, adds a new rogue-lite mode to the game on top of other additions to the base campaign, including new enemies, new skills, new areas to explore, new side missions, extended story cinematics, Photo Mode enhancements and more!

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