Ghostwire: Tokyo on Xbox Series X Performs Even Worse Than PS5 Version Despite Being a First-Party Game

Image: Tango Gameworks

The Xbox Series X|S ports of Ghostwire: Tokyo are disappointing and perform even worse than the PlayStation 5 version of Tango Gameworks’ supernatural thriller action-adventure game, which already isn’t great to begin with, per a new tech review by Digital Foundry. According to the analysis, Ghostwire: Tokyo can’t manage a steady 60 FPS on Xbox Series X in Performance mode, while the game’s standard Quality Mode, which runs at a lower resolution than its PS5 counterpart (1620p vs 1512p) and has been described as “the worst-performing option,” features all sorts of problems that include what sounds like major stuttering. Ghostwire: Tokyo fans are surprised at the disparity, as the game was developed by Tango Gameworks, a game studio that falls under Microsoft’s management.

Ghostwire: Tokyo Console Resolutions

ModePlayStation 5Xbox Series XXbox Series S
HFR Quality*1080p1080p
HFR Performance*1080p1080p

From a Eurogamer report:

Unfortunately, performance is where things really break down for Ghostwire: Tokyo, across all console platforms. The game just doesn’t run well at all, and if anything the new Xbox versions actually perform worse than the existing PS5 release. Let’s start with Series X. The worst-performing option here is the game’s quality mode. 30fps is the target here and it’s reached quite consistently – but it’s plagued by improper frame-pacing, providing a jerky, inconsistent motion that in practice feels like the game is running at a lower update.

Thankfully that’s the only mode that’s locked at 30. The performance mode, for instance, clocks in with a 60fps target. Unfortunately, in practice it’s typically a 50-60fps affair, with a near-constant barrage of dropped frames during open-world gameplay. Ray tracing is dropped here and the resolution is cut-back, but that still isn’t enough to reach anything like a stable 60fps. The next step up is the quality mode with high frame-rate and v-sync at 60Hz output. This is probably one of the more desirable options, as we get higher frame-rates alongside good ray tracing. Unfortunately, it too comes saddled with sub-standard performance, hovering around 45-60fps in typical play.

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