Redfall Reviews Leak Ahead of Embargo, and They’re Very Negative: “One of the Worst Games of 2023”

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Redfall is launching today for those in the Americas, and while the review embargo for Arkane Austin’s new vampire shooter isn’t set to lift until 11:00 p.m. ET, a small number of early reviews for the game have leaked online, hinting at another disappointing triple-A release. ACG, a popular YouTuber, is planning to call Redfall “one of the worst games so far in 2023,” per a screenshot for his video review, while another from Noisy Pixel, which was taken down earlier but remains available to read through the Wayback Machine, describes the game as being “blood suckingly painful,” with a 4/10 score prompted by various bugs that include unresponsive enemies and guns. Redfall is priced at $69.99, but the game is also available to play via Game Pass, where it’s launching as a day-one title for those who want to see whether these negative reviews have any merit at a lower price.

From a Noisy Pixel review:

I encountered several bugs I half expected while playing, but it was still sad to see. Sometimes, enemies would just become unresponsive, or I’ll be standing in front of them, and they wouldn’t react. One time my gun kept firing, and no, it wasn’t my controller. Other strange occurrences happened, but I do hope they get patched out.

Redfall is an anomaly because a game with this good of a team behind can’t possibly be this bad, and yet, it is. There are these drips of looter shooter, RPG, and multiplayer elements sprinkled throughout, but none of them work together, delivering a messy and almost incomprehensible experience.

Image: Arkane
Image: Arkane

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